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Top 7 dog-friendly restaurants in the US

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If you have a dog, it is always a hard and heart-breaking decision when you are having dinner with friend but have to leave your pooch at home, sad and lonely. In this guide, we have put together a list of dog-friendly restaurants and bars across Unites States, so you can have your puppy join you for a great meal. Bone appetite!

Norm’s Eatery & Ale House

Seattle, WA

Naming after a dog, Norm’s Eatery & Ale House is the best place in Seattle where you can enjoy a meal at a restaurant with your canine friend by your side. There’s a statue of a dog wearing a scarf greets you at the door. More dog-related posters, photos, placards, and paintings adorn much of the wall space inside the restaurant. This place features smoked salmon benedict, Creole blackened shrimp and grits, country fried steak and eggs, and meatloaf.


The Lazy Dog Cafe

Multiple locations in California

The Lazy Dog Cafe is well-known for encouraging customers to bring their beloved pets and enjoy food with them in their outside dinning area. The restaurant offers cozy surroundings, pet-friendly seats, and a wide-selection of hearty American eats. Their signature dishes include fish tacos, sweet & spicy shrimp, BBQ baby back ribs, and fettuccine Alfredo.


The Patio on Lamont Street

San Diego, CA

The Patio on Lamont Street offers California-inspired gourmet to epicures and their dogs. After arrival, your puppy will be treated with their signature dog biscuit. The outdoor patio has attracted lost of human and dog guests, always packed during weekends and holidays. So be sure to make reservations in advance.


The Dog Bar

Charlotte, North Carolina

Located in Queen City, Charlotte, the Dog Bar is among one of the most dog-friendly bar in the country. Not only do they have a full bar serving wine and beer like all other normal bars, it allows dogs of any size to come in and run free with their owners, with the premise that they have been vaccinated. It is noteworthy that this is a private club where members pay $10 annually for access. Membership form can be filled out the first time you and your dog come in.


Cornelia Street Cafe

New York, NY

With a history of more than 30 years, Cornelia Street Cafe has been serving up home-cooked-style bistro food to the neighborhood. Here you’ll have a chance to try French-American romantic bistro, including home-cooked country style cuisine, steak, and their well-known brunch. Although your puppy is not invited inside, they are more than welcome at the inviting sidewalk cafe tables.


Sail Pavilion on the Riverwalk

Tampa, FL

Sail Pavilion is a waterfront open-air restaurant along Tampa Riverwalk. It is a full bar serving wine as well we sandwiches, salad, and light appetizer. Guest can arrive by car or boat through Seddon Channel (public docking is available). As a dog-friendly eatery, they provide stainless-steel dog water dishes, clean up station, complimentary dog treats, and even a dog menu with special dishes!


Beer Belly

Los Angeles, CA

Beer Belly is a spot to enjoy craft beer with your pooch. It features a newly-built open-air patio with the funding support from Indiegogo. The patio is always stocked with water bowls and dog treats. Your four-legged friend may not be interested in what’s insider your beer mug, but they’ll definitely keep an eye on your duck fat fries,


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