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Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

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Are you planning a road trip with your dogs and/or cats this year? Whether you’re going on a cross country road trip or just going across town with your dogs or cats in the car, there are steps you should take to assure their safety when you’re hitting the open road!

When you travel with pets it’s not as simple as grabbing your wallet or purse, car keys and heading out. Traveling with your pets means you need to pack their food, water, toys, their favorite blanket and perhaps even their bed as well as items to keep them safe while in the car.

Here are some tips for a safe road trip for you and your pets

  •         Decide whether your pets are safer in a pet-approved seatbelt or harness. Should they be in a well-ventilated carrier instead. Many pet parents find that some dogs fare better in a harness while their cats are more comfortable in a carrier. You know your pet best. Whether you use a harness or a carrier, get your pet accustomed to it before you hit the road.
  •         Take short trips to get your pet accustomed to the movement and sounds of the vehicle. It would probably be a mistake to expect your pet to sit happily in a car for an hours-long trip if he’s never been in a car before. Cats, especially, need to become accustomed to the change in their routine and to being in a car.
  •         Adjust your pet’s feeding schedule so they haven’t eaten for about two hours prior to your departure. Car sickness is something you will want to avoid!
  •         If you’re traveling with cats, do what you can to make sure they have used the litter box before you head out. It’s wise to bring a travel litter box and litter with you. Determine before the trip, how you will let your cats out of the carrier to use the litter box.
  •         Never. Never. Never leave your pets alone in a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s warm or cold weather, it is never safe for a pet alone in a car. If you’re traveling a long distance, you may need to bring a traveling companion who can care for the pets while you make pit stops.
  •         Pack a “pet traveling kit.” What’s in the kit? Your pet’s food, leash, his favorite toys, any medication he may be on, recent veterinarian records, a collar with a tag that has your current contact information. If your pet is microchipped, make certain that contact information is up to date. Bring water from home to give them while on the road and when you arrive at your destination. Don’t forget to bring a water bowl for your pets to drink from while you’re on the road.
  •         It’s best for your dog to not hang his head out the window while you’re driving along. She could get injured by flying objects. Your dog should ride in the backseat of the car, safely secured.

Enjoy your trip and soon your dog and/cat will be seasoned travelers who will welcome a road trip!

What are your best road trip travel safety tips? Share your tips using #findyournext. 

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