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It’s time of the year again to give thanks. You are ready to reunion with families and friends, stuffing your turkey day full of joy and thanksgiving. But be aware it is also important to give thanks to your four-legged buddy, who has devoted their entire times companioning you with each passing days.

Let's go over some tips on how to pamper your dog during the holiday.

Attention first

Before spending time around the table with families and friends, make sure you begin with giving some of your attention to your dog to express your thanks. Fetch-play or a long walk will not only help your buddy feel your care but make it less anxious when you walk away and hangout with other people.

Food food food

While Thanksgiving is about food and sharing, share some of the turkey and desserts with your buddy. At least once a year they deserve it. Just make sure all the meat you offer are boneless so they won’t splinter and lodge in your dog’s throat or stomach.

Beyond sharing, make a special “Thanksgiving dinner” for them so they can enjoy the special time of the year like you do. If you want to make a feast for your best buddy, you can try the peanut butter and pumpkin treats . If your prep time is limited and want to start with something simpler, see the recipe for roasted turkey medallions.

Dress them up

Humans are definitely not the only one who can dress up for festivals. There are various options to dress up your buddy and make it the spotlight in your holiday celebration. You can choose to turn your dog into a real turkey this year.

But if you consider the turkey costume is too goofy and want some ideas for a pilgrim costume, here at ZOOPAR we have a great selection of cute clothes and dresses, including the be-with-you shirt skirt, victorian stripped blouse, and suspender skirt that make your canine friend the center of the attention in the crowd and ready for photo-ops.

After-dinner traditions

What is the after-dinner tradition for your family? Watching a Thanksgiving classic like Home Alone? Casual chatting? Or watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV? This is a perfect time for you to curl up with your buddy and let him lay on your leg, which will give him some quite time with you. If there are family members or friends throwing football around or playing Frisbee in the yard, have your pup join and have fun! No matter what games you play, any opportunities to spend more time with you will cheer your pooch up.

Keep it safe and stress less

Last but not least, make sure your buddy is safe and do a little bit of preparation to keep your dog’s routine as closely to normal as possible so it won’t be stressed. Create a space somewhere in your home so it can get away from the crowd and relax when it get tired. Let your dog enjoy a stress-free and fun day like everyone else in the room!

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