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Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Pet

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Adopt A Shelter Pet Day will be celebrated Monday, April 30, but we know there are pet parents and potential pet parents who celebrate their shelter pets every day. At Zoopar we fully understand the bond between humans and their furry family members and know your dogs and cats are part of the family.

We have put together this list of reasons to adopt a shelter pet as well as ways in which you can celebrate your bond with your shelter pet and have more adventures together!

Why should you adopt a shelter pet?

  1. They have so much love to give
  2. They are waiting for a family to call their own
  3. You just might find the breed of your dreams at the shelter
  4. There are so many dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes
  5. Shelter staff work tirelessly to find loving homes for the dogs and cats in their care
  6. Shelter dogs are cute
  7. Shelter cats are cuddly
  8. You can adopt a puppy or a kitten or an older dog or cat
  9. If you want a companion animal but don’t have the patience to house train a puppy, an older shelter dog is probably house trained already
  10. Don’t want your toes pounced on while you sleep by a playful kitten? Adopt an older cat and protect your toes (just kidding, even older cats are playful!)

If you’re going to adopt a shelter dog or cat, what kind of fun adventures can you have with them? We’ve got a few ideas!

Take a hike. There are some cats who do love the outdoors and may walk in a harness. If not, give them a ride in a pet safe stroller! Dogs love the outdoors and can be a great hiking companion even if that “hike” is just through a grassy park because we know that some breeds simply don’t have the stamina to tackle mountain climbs!

Take a trip. If you’re like many pet parents, you take your cats and dogs on trips with you. Whether you’re going across town to visit friends or across the country on an extended road trip you don’t want to leave your furry friends behind.  Put your cats in a car safe cat carrier and strap your dogs into a safety harness and you’re ready to hit the road. Don’t forget to keep everyone hydrated and take along water bottles and collapsible water bowls to give your dog or cat a drink while you’re traveling. NOTE: When you travel, no matter how far, never leave your pets in an unattended vehicle.

Relax at home. There is nothing your newly adopted shelter dog or cat will love more than simply snuggling up with you at home. Shelter dogs crave love and attention and will be more than happy to take over your lap, lie next to you on the sofa or curl up at your feet in their very own bed. Many people who have adopted a shelter dog or cat have told us that these pets seem truly grateful for every bit of love they are given and of course you’re going to want to spoil your new shelter dog or cat!

We’d love to see pictures of your shelter dog(s) and/or cat(s)!

Stay tuned, because for the month of May we will be donating a portion of proceeds of all sales to Freedom Service Dogs of America.

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