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It finally comes to the best time of the year. It is the time to do some holiday shopping for family and friends. As a dog parent, you may also want to get something special for your puppy. Whether you are shopping online or braving the crowded shopping malls, here are some ideas for what to get for your canine friend.

Treat ball

Some toys have the elements that can help train your dog’s brain, like a treat ball. The ball could store some treat and create challenge for dogs to enjoy——they’ll have to roll it or bite it in a specific way for the treat to come out. This is going to be a perfect toy if you want them to calm or when you leave them alone. After all, unlike most children, dogs are allowed to play with their food.


Rope can come in all sizes, shapes, and a variety of colors. Some ropes are even combined with squeaky toys or balls to make one ultimate toy. What more could a dog ask for? Just make sure the rope you get is not too hard that could damage your dog’s teeth when chewed. Look for product that says dog-friendly or dog-safe before you buy. Here at ZOOPAR we offer a variety of styles that shaped in cute animals to choose from. You make an order and we’ll pick one and surprise you!

A canine treadmill

Yes, there’s treadmill for dogs too. As the weather is getting cooler, you are not the only one who’d prefer indoor gym instead of outdoor running. All dogs need exercise to provide them with stimulation and reduce issues like excessive chewing and barking. So a treadmill provides the perfect opportunity to keep your pup healthy and active. They don’t even need to take their eyes off their precious toys!


A bed for your dog is probably your first pick. But a comfy cozy second they can call their own is a must-have. Splurge a little this year and get your dog a new bed so your dog could have all their dreams filled with squirrel chasing and steak eating.

would be fairly simple. . If they have a lot of toys, help keep their interest in all of them by rotating them in and out so they don’t get bored with one specific item. It’ll be like giving them a new gift every month!

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